Priority Digital Health get seal of security approval with ISO 27001 certification

Priority Digital Health has been given a seal of approval this month gaining internationally renowned ISO 27001 certification.

Additionally, working with Clinical Safety Consultants at ETHOS who provided third party assessment, PDH reached DCB 0129 compliance standard which is designed to promote and ensure the effective application of clinical risk management. It is the UK’s mandatory safety standard for health IT systems and apps and is governed by NHS Digital, with compliance mandatory under the Health and Social care Act 2012. The standard is strictly about safety, ensuring that the system does not cause patient harm, and underpins all national healthcare initiatives.

Priority Digital Health’s achievement of DCB compliance was followed shortly after with the news of its ISO 27001 accreditation; the internationally recognised information security management certificate issued by the British Standards Institution.

The accreditation process for ISO 27001 involved detailed inspections and testing of the security systems and controls which have been implemented for safe information management. This involved scoping what information needed to be protected within the company’s information security management system and identifying any threats to that information. Topics covered included General Data Protection Regulation and potential security threats such as cybercrime, personal data breaches and theft.

John Dibb, Joint Chief Executive of Priority Digital Health, said: “Clinical risk management, and the systems we have in place to protect our patients and their information, is vitally important to us. We are continually reviewing and refining the way we do this; not only for today, but also for the post-Covid-19 future.

The ISO 27001 certificate is essential to ensuring a robust approach to IT security and demonstrates our commitment to building further resilience. It should be a comfort to our customers to know that Priority Digital Health is working to the highest data and IT security standard possible.

This is bolstered by the DCB 0129 compliance which ensures patient risks are mitigated. At a time when some organisations are deferring full compliance with DCB 0129 due to Covid-19 we hope that this recognition of compliance demonstrates our commitment to patient safety.”



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