“Prevention is better than cure”

Our suite of priority digital platforms power the delivery of prevention services helping to manage demand, provide support and improve access to the right services in primary care, lifestyle services, social prescribing and community services through cutting-edge digital technologies and secure HSCN hosted environments. When used together they provide a seamless patient journey from GP surgery to a wide range of community and lifestyle services.

We are digital innovators facilitating change on two levels in prevention services – patient behaviour and system performance.

“Priority is the first thing I have seen designed to re-educate patients into choosing services…”

Dr Emily Morrison, Cambridgeshire-based GP

An end-to-end solution or a family of stand-alone products – powering prevention services at scale

Partners and Customers

priority.you is the only digital solution designed to change patient behaviour and reduce demand on GPs

One in six patients who visit a GP* could have received the same service or advice from either a nurse, wellbeing practitioner or other community healthcare professional… freeing up an appointment for someone with more complex needs.

*According to an NHS Alliance and Primary Care Foundation study, commissioned by NHS England

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