Digital Consultancy


Because we understand that no service is entirely the same as the next, our experienced team work collaboratively with Providers, Commissioners and Employers to help shape services to meet local needs.

Whatever tools and processes we deploy during mobilisation, we know this important first stage of engagement is key to getting both the configuration of our PDH Platform just right but also forging those all important relationships which ensure success to all involved.

We first seek to understand your goals and then customise the approach for your service requirements. We do this through a series of workshops held with customers, stakeholders and partners both online and face to face where safe to do so.

For example this could be for an integrated lifestyle Health Trainer service with any number of behaviour change and Health Trainer question sets to benchmark and track the client health journey including Weight Management and Malnutrition, Stop Smoking, Alcohol Reduction, Physical Activity, Social Isolation, NHS Health Checks or Falls Prevention.

Individuals can also manage their own journey and the system has full integration for third party service providers.


The Essex Wellbeing Service is a ground breaking integrated health, lifestyle and social care service which uses the combined multi-module functionality within the PDH Patient Management System to connect Service Users and Patients with volunteers, healthcare workers, health coaches, voluntary organisations and adult social care.

Diabetes Book and Learn is enabling people living with Type 1 and 2 diabetes to book diabetes education courses that will help them manage their condition and potentially save the NHS millions of pounds. The PDH Platform is powering the Diabetes Book and Learn service for the two south London CCGs serving a population of 3.2m adults and links providers, who deliver the courses, with patients, giving them freedom of choice to attend those courses in areas near where they live. The end to end interoperability of the PDH Patient Management System ensures that each referral benefits from patient data drawn directly from the GP patient record.