Appointment Management

Our fully customisable PDH Platform uses a multi-module approach, which allows us to tailor the platform to you. One of our many modules includes appointment services. 

Our Appointment Module is designed to support the NHS Choice Framework by offering options including community healthcare referral, social prescribing appointments, physiotherapy or other HCPs.

As well as enhancing the experience for patients and residents, the implementation of an online booking system can greatly ease the administrative workload for staff.

Patient empowerment and behaviour change are at the heart of our approach. We offer custom-designed booking systems with the functionality to signpost patients to the appropriate appointment.

This helps to ease pressure on Service staff and create more time for working with patients and residents.



Our goal is always to make the experience of self-management and self-booking of any health and wellbeing appointment easy, enjoyable and motivating for every user, which we achieve with appealing website design and simple navigation.

Appointments and Bookings

The bookings module is a fully customisable feature of the PDH Platform. It is proven to effectively support social prescribing services, diabetes education course bookings and referrals/bookings for any healthcare appointments.

We tailor the design and functionality to create a referral and booking system which meets your objectives. 

The booking module allows for a holistic self-assessment supports a seamless transition from self-assessment to self-referral and then booking.

A bespoke initial online triage can also be built in to understand need, motivation and eligibility to the service.

Users can directly book 1-2-1 HCP appointments, activity sessions or courses from the platform, choosing from the multiple provider options and pathways which can be inputted using our marketplace feature.

The module also enables the creation of a Directory of Services, with automated real-time updating. Geolocation functionality automatically displays a choice of services near to where the user lives. 

Any approved organisation can upload and maintain the information about their activities, courses and events (including dates and times of sessions) through a dedicated login.

A hierarchy of access to the platform and to specific modules is agreed upon during the setup stage.

Among the benefits are the easy tracking of individual health/wellbeing journeys and the ability to create KPI reports to see and share progress measurement.

Diabetes Book & Learn

The first online referral and booking platform supporting a Structured Diabetes Education Course Booking Hub in south London. Learn more about how the PDH Platform created real patient choice and drove up bookings of diabetes education courses.

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PDH Platform for Booking Services

The modular Priority Platform is customised for every Service and Customer ensuring the Service delivers a local solution for local people, every time.



Multiple referral pathways, including self-referral

Provider managed solution including dates, times and venues

Outcome measurement management tool

Single patient record


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