About us

Based on a small carbon-neutral Cambridge business park, Priority Digital Health (PDH), is a fast-growing digital innovator specialising in building and delivering digital software solutions. These solutions empower better self-management and service-management of patients' health and wellbeing.

We have two main products: The PDH Platform (customisable patient management software) and AmaraHealth™ (a whole-body health and wellbeing app).

We help people to get the help and support they need, swiftly, whilst remaining true to our 'Tell Your Story Once' mantra; our patient-first approach; and our passion for disease prevention and health promotion.

Our background is in changing behaviour, and our focus is cost-saving and service efficiencies – but not at the expense of user experience. We work in partnership with the most innovative and evidence-based providers in their field as we believe this is what delivers the best results for patients and customers.

The PDH Platform, a patient management system is secure, connected, scalable, flexible, interoperable and takes a multi-module patient-first approach. 

These modules include Social Prescribing ServicesLifestyle Services, Referral Management, Booking Management, Communication Management, Volunteering, Holistic Assessment, Reporting, and Workplace Health.

What we do

Our focus is on disease prevention and health promotion services in the NHS, Lifestyle Services and Social Prescribing areas using our proprietary PDH Platform which enables fully digital referrals and sophisticated outcome reporting.

Our unique full-service offering for healthcare partners including primary care networks, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local authorities provides end-to-end design and delivery including branding and marketing the service for patients.

Prevention is better than cure is an early 17th-century proverbial saying and has never been more relevant than today. 

As public health and NHS budgets are required to work harder and harder, our solutions are helping people stay fit and well using the power of digital and are delivering real system change and cost benefits.

How we do it

  • We work with you to design and deliver online solutions which are powered by our proprietary digital platform.
  • We develop engaging branding for services in partnership with patients and stakeholders.
  • We drive patient access through creative on and off-line marketing and provide a superior online experience for self-referral and self-booking, empowering better self-management of patients' health and wellbeing.
  • We enable interoperability so providers in different settings can talk to the patient's GP record and manage their caseloads efficiently.
  • We give approved HCPs access to management and evaluation data and reports which are easy to manage and download, enabling impressive service reporting and aiding continuous quality improvement, efficiency and cost savings.



  • We have a background in behaviour change for good and in building complex bespoke digital solutions.
  • We are fully interoperable with all GP IT systems and numerous accredited public health and NHS tools and Apps.  We operate an open API policy.
  • We have a proven track record in lifestyle services, social prescribing, managing referrals and bookings and management of long term conditions.
  • We are extremely agile and proved our capabilities by mobilising a brand new welfare platform in response to Covid-19 in 2020.
  • We work best in partnership and our values reflect the current emphasis on growing residents and patients to self-manage their health and wellbeing, online.