Managing Patient Demand Differently

We understand the demand on GP Practices to perform, which is why following our successful Innovate UK-funded feasibility study, we are developing a digital screening and demand-management solution which enables the triage of patients into – or out of – the practice safely and effectively according to need.

Whilst acting as a gatekeeper for appointment bookings, the solution is not designed to turn people away.

For those who could be supported elsewhere, it offers a range of targeted health care professional, self-care, social prescribing and community healthcare services as alternative options.

According to the Royal College of General Practitioners, 4-in-10 GP's ''regularly see patients who are lonely or don't require medical attention''. 

74% of patients surveyed in our Innovate UK grant funded feasibility study for our GP Services reported ''they were happy to see other healthcare professionals instead of a GP"

Innovate UK Funded Feasibility Study

Priority Digital Health was awarded a grant from Innovate UK in early 2018 through the Digital Health Technology Catalyst 2018 round 1 funding.

The grant supported our feasibility study into a GP demand management tool. The study included healthy economy evaluation conducted by Health Enterprise East and wide-ranging online surveys, focus groups and telephone interviews with GPs, Practice Managers and Patients.

Concluding in early 2019, the results confirmed that patients would be happy to see other healthcare professionals or services that the GP and surgery recommended.  

Healthcare professionals also responded positively to the concept of a digital tool helping to signpost patients to the best service for them at that time and its role in helping to reduce demand upon GPs. 

Key Features

Online triage, easy demand management a simple, easy-to-use questionnaire for patients. The system identifies the most appropriate level and type of care before an appointment is made.

Integrate patient records and booking systems using our Priority Platform for your patient management and booking system, or link in with one you’ve already got. 

Social prescribing Connect patients with a range of non-clinical interventions with in-built digital social prescribing tools.

Customised for your GP Practice Each surgery is different, which is why our Priority Platform is tailored to individual requirements and team structures.

Support and staff training A dedicated account manager will be available to answer any queries or concerns, with comprehensive training provided to all staff.

Key Benefits

Relieve GP and staff pressure With patients effectively triaged online, unnecessary appointments are reduced.

Enhanced patient experience Patient details are securely stored for every visit, allowing users to login and access care faster and more efficiently each time.

Demand management Capturing and prioritising on-the-day requests, enabling staff to address immediate, more urgent concerns.

Free up appointments Improve patient flow to allow GPs more time for people with complex needs.

Support and staff training A dedicated account manager will be available to answer any queries or concerns, with comprehensive training provided to all staff.