Workplace Health and Wellbeing

We believe in technical innovation that continuously strives for improved workplace health and wellbeing. We offer exactly that through the deployment of our holistic transformational digital solutions – delivered in the form of a proprietary platform and an app. 

Whether you’re looking for an interoperable platform to assist your publicly-funded workplace health contract/service or you’re an organisation looking to take greater responsibility for the health and wellbeing of your workforce – PDH has a solution for everyone.

The PDH Platform 

Our proprietary platform - patient management system - supports the health and wellbeing of your employees through a range of personalised, nationally accredited lifestyle assessments, with individualised pathways for each user. 

These assessments will identify key health and wellbeing areas that need addressing in the workplace – whether that's alcohol, smoking, drugs, diet or more.

AmaraHealth™ App 

Introducing AmaraHealth™, our whole-body health and wellbeing app designed to improve and maintain complete wellness for individuals and workforces.

Many areas of an individual’s overall health are interconnected and need to be addressed as a whole. AmaraHealth™ is designed to do exactly that, in a safe, secure and confidential manner.

Sleep. Physical activity. Mood. Smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Food. Water. Users can track as many areas of their health and wellbeing as they want to; set specific goals, and connect to their wearables.

AmaraHealth™ enables users to assess and self-manage their whole-body wellness with personalised analytics and their AmaraHealth™ wellbeing score. There's also a competition mode for those motivated by comparison, where they can benchmark themselves against others.

From videos to long and short-form articles, AmaraHealth™ provide all the content to help users create and maintain a life of health and happiness. Our paid subscription users will have access to specialist courses, videos, and support.

The AmaraHealth™ app can also be used as a workplace health solution. Employers can take pride in deploying a whole-body solution to maintain and/or improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce. They can benefit from anonymised trend data, that protects the privacy of individuals, but also provides employers with a top-level insight into the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 

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Why now?

When it comes to health and wellbeing support, the time is always right. Health and wellbeing enormously impact upon an individual's happiness, quality of life, and productivity levels.

Typically, the average adult spends around a third of their waking hours at work, giving employers an ideal opportunity to promote a healthy working culture.

Realistically, It’s no secret that workplaces must do more to support their employees with their health and wellbeing, but it is an urgent necessity.

The Labour Force Survey reported that there were 828,000 workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or longstanding) in 2019/20. And 17.9 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20. 
Our digital products are designed to fight this problem and form part of the solution.

“Good worker health contributes to high productivity and successful enterprises which supports economic prosperity, and the social wellbeing and wealth of communities”

World Health Organisation: Healthy Workplace Framework and Model, 2009

The PDH Platform and AmaraHealth™ for Employee Health and Wellbeing

Customised for every employer to reflect the needs of your workforce, however large or small, both the Priority Platform and AmaraHealth™ benefit from the following. 


Key Features

Help your employees manage their wellbeing and increase attendance and productivity.

Multiple referral pathways into community and NHS services.

Employee and company health benchmarking.

Fully customisable to meet the needs of your workforce.

A holistic picture of health and wellbeing with anonymised reporting

Practical ways to support personal wellbeing and health

Simple to use and access 

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How we empower better employee health and wellbeing 

Each person is different, and we never follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach – Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a range of targeted self-care and behaviour change apps, tools and resources, giving your employees the right type of care when they need it most.

Available to access 24/7, our customised solutions provide real-time tracking alongside detailed outcome reporting and are developed to align with your organisational goals and HR processes.

Don’t wait to see how we can help your business play a key role in employee empowerment and wellbeing – all while increasing productivity through detailed, real-time insight and measurement. Get in contact today.