The volunteering module is designed to connect volunteers with residents in need of their support quickly and easily, as part of the PDH Platform.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the opportunity for digital solutions to get help to the most vulnerable people in our communities, whilst relieving the pressure on the health sector.

Support with everyday tasks like shopping, collecting prescriptions or dog walking helps not only those residents unable to get out and about but the wellbeing of those undertaking the volunteering.

And with continual demand on the voluntary sector due to government pressure on charity sector funding, the role of digital tools to streamline and speed up support is vital. And we offer exactly that. 

"There is strong evidence on the link between volunteering and improved mental health and wellbeing"

Impactful Volunteering. Understanding the impact of volunteering on volunteers. NCVO research, 2018

Connecting volunteers with those in need

Requests for help are uploaded onto the platform and matched, in real-time, to those volunteers who are ready and able to assist.

We support both individual volunteers and larger special interest community organisations and charities.

Screening of volunteers and issuing of ID badges is an integral in-platform feature speeding up the onboarding of new volunteers in time of particular need.

Essex Welfare Service - Covid-19 response

Within the space of a few weeks at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, a new PDH Platform volunteering module was mobilised to support 400,000 vulnerable adults in Essex.

Learn more about the Essex Welfare Service mobilisation

PDH Platform for Volunteering

Connecting Volunteers and Community Organisations to residents in need of support.


Key Features

Swift onboarding and approval of volunteers.

Residents and carers register support requests.

Regular alerts for new volunteering jobs relevant to each volunteer.

The ability of specialist organisations to manage volunteering tasks.


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