Digital Transformation

The roll-out of and customisation of all our services is led by Joint Chief Executive John Dibb, the architect of the PDH Platform. If you're looking for a fully integrated online solution to support patients or residents with multiple health challenges look no further.  

The PDH Platform has open APIs which allows us to integrate with multiple digital providers. We can therefore offer the Platform to support Providers deliver a service or provide a stand-alone digital service solution.  Our stand-alone solutions are supported by our friendly support desk teams both online and on the phone.


Priority Digital Health is at the leading edge of service design and delivery of digitally enabled care, which the NHS Long Term Plan, Chapter 5, says will go mainstream across the NHS.

Our technology and services, powered by our own PDH Patient Management System, are already giving tangible benefits to patients, as well as CCGs, GPs and healthcare partners.

All our services are custom designed and delivered and make maximum use of digital possibilities in healthcare prevention, care and treatment.