Our multi-module approach sets us apart from the rest

At the bane of both customers and patients, one module per platform has become the typical approach of many digital service providers. This approach only increases cost, lead time, and complication. 

But Priority Digital Health isn’t like any other digital service provider. The Priority Platform is our proprietary 'Patient Management System’, which is already accessible to over 7 million UK residents.

We have a multitude of award-winning service modules that supports a range of NHS, Public Health, and Community Services. These include social prescribing, booking, volunteering, goal setting, lifestyle services (such as smoking and weight management), and workplace health services. 

But our modules don’t need to work in isolation - and nor should they. 

We believe in a streamlined approach that tackles healthcare holistically. Each and every module can be interlinked to provide the best in every sector leading to happier and healthier people.

We understand that customers may acquire a singular module and then decide they need more. Our rounded approach means we have the ability to make that happen quickly, without the obstacle of an entirely new platform. 

The Essex Wellbeing Service (EWS) is the perfect example of a customer that’s benefitting from this one platform and multi-module approach. Patients can take a holistic assessment to create a picture of their health and wellbeing status. They are then appropriately referred to anything from a social isolation or stop smoking service. Patients can even be referred to a specialised partner to help with their other needs, such as money and debt advice.

Beyond the holistic assessment, vulnerable residents also have the ability to submit a request for support with everyday tasks. Our volunteering module will then enable these requests to be met with a suitable volunteer.

All these scenarios take place within one platform, and that’s not even the full scope of what’s possible.

Our Priority Platform is also completely flexible. We are under no illusion that the same modules will be appropriate for all residents and localities. This is why we designed the Priority Platform to be completely customisable for local pathways.

But we’re not just flexible within our own modules and services. Our fully interoperable platform has access to all the leading GP IT systems in a number of ways and has the ability to access 60.4m patient records in the United Kingdom.

As an experienced NHS/Public Health digital solutions team, we’re more than accustomed to the industry’s ever-changing nature. This means you won’t have to chase us to stay on top of the latest health, wellbeing, and social care provider needs. Our ability to add multiple modules onto one platform also makes this a completely seamless experience.

2020 has definitely taught us that the world can change fast - your digital provider can no longer offer you anything less than a robust, secure, customisable, and intelligent platform with a multi-module approach. Priority Digital Health has that platform.