Our digital health platform is the future of healthcare

If you’re on this article, the chances are that you’re looking for a digital tool/solution for your healthcare, volunteering, and or lifestyle services.

The things we hear most from our prospective customers are:

  • “I need a single system that delivers all the services I need.”
  • “I need robust security for my patients’ health data.”
  • “I need to be more time-efficient.”
  • “I want the flexibility to scale my digital health offering in the future.”
  • “I’m tired of finding that one module of my digital health solution can’t talk to another.”
  • “I want a digital health platform that has patient care at its core.”

The good news is, you’re in the right place. The PDH Platform - our digital health platform - manages all these needs and more from one platform. It’s paving the way for the future of patient management.

How will a digital health platform make managing my patient experience easier?

Case Management Systems, such as our PDH Platform, act as a digital portal for all patient information, vaccinations, prescriptions, interactions and encounters within healthcare settings. This includes hospitals, GPs and social prescribing organisations. Digital health platforms can also book and refer patients to any appropriate third-party care or education. 

They help clinicians and managers save time and administrative resources, so they can focus on delivering outstanding patient care.

Why choose PDH as your digital health platform?

That part is easy. There is no platform quite like it. 

The PDH Platform is secure; connected; scalable; flexible; fully interoperable; takes a multi-module approach, and puts patients first.

Connected digital healthcare

Going digital should always mean simplification and connectivity. And that’s exactly what we offer. We’ve abolished the hassle of bouncing patients to and from internal and external care in favour of a centralised Patient Management System.

Our platform is fully interoperable and can be connected to all the major GP clinical systems such as Vision and TPP. Essentially, anyone internally or externally involved with a patient’s care can be connected via one centralised system. 

For patients, they can self-refer, record their own health and wellbeing metrics, as well as manage their own data. 

This generates greater ownership and accountability, motivating patients towards better self-care. This naturally leads to greater efficiencies and savings for the service providers. 

Security is at the heart of our digital health platform

Our platform has access to 60.4m patient records in the United Kingdom, so robust security is essential. 

Our Platform has therefore been designed with security at its core:

  • Hosted within the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN).
  • All servers are hosted in the UK.
  • Each user has a dedicated login using OWASP / 2FA recommended levels of security.
  • Working with ETHOS Consulting, our platform has received clinical risk management standard DCB0129 (mandatory under the Health and Social care Act 2012).
  • Accredited by NHS DSP Toolkit.
  • ISO 27001 assessed.
  • Cyber Essentials Certified.
  • Registered with the ICO, ZA286500.

A scalable and flexible digital health platform

It’s our Patient Management System, but it becomes your platform. With unlimited records available, the PDH Platform is scalable to any business, small or large.

We understand that every service is unique to its residents and locality. As a result, we tailor the platform to you. The future of healthcare is a service that caters holistically for individual needs. Fortunately, our PDH Platform does just that.

There’s a module to support the unique needs of your organisation and its individual patients. Some of our most popular modules include: 

Each and every module in the PDH Platform is designed with flexibility and interconnectivity. There’s no need to direct your patients to a countless number of platforms just to enter the very same information.

One of the most unique features of the PDH Platform is that there’s one login, one platform, but many different modules within that which deliver different services. As a result, it’s easily customised for each service and every local pathway.  

We strongly believe it’s time to digitise outdated administrative and fact-finding processes in favour of a streamlined patient-first approach. 

Digital health platforms are the future of healthcare

The future is interconnectivity, it’s flexibility, it’s holistic health services all in one place - that’s why the future is the PDH Platform.

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