Lifestyle Services

Our PDH Platform, a patient management system, uses a customisable multi-module approach, which allows us to tailor the platform to you.

One of our many modules includes Lifestyle Services, which can cover anything from weight management to alcohol intake. 

Our services are designed and delivered in partnership with integrated care systems, primary care networks, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and public health teams within local authorities.


As members of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), we understand that many causes of ill health are preventable. Around 20% of our lives are spent in poor health, placing further strain on already stretched health and social care services.

There are lifestyle choices we can take to reduce our chances of becoming unwell including not smoking, being physically active and reducing alcohol intake. Help, support and services for these lifestyle choices can all become part of your platform.


“Our aim is for people to live longer in good health, to rely on the NHS and social care less and later in life, to remain in work for longer and, when unwell, to stay in their own homes for longer”

Public Health England Strategy 2020-25

Wellbeing journey management

Our PDH Patient Management System enables patients and residents to complete a range of personalised, nationally-accredited lifestyle assessment question sets, with multiple referral pathways for each user.

We work with expert delivery partners across the country, and our platform seamlessly integrates with a range of targeted self-care and behaviour change apps, tools and resources.

Every individual is different, and we never follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach – our assessment solutions are flexible and can be tailored entirely to your patient and resident needs.

The fully interoperable PDH Platform provides easy case management, meaning you can securely monitor and update each of your patients' and residents' wellbeing journeys in real-time.

Essex Wellbeing Service

Expanded and relaunched as the Essex Wellbeing Service in 2020, using our PDH Platform, we bring together Lifestyle, Workplace, Volunteering and Community services.

Our branding and website design services join forces with a number of the PDH Platform modules to service the residents of Essex, which we do in partnership with Provide CIC.

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PDH Platform for Lifestyle Services

The modular PDH Platform is customised for every Service and Customer ensuring the Service delivers a local solution for local people, every time.


Key Features

GP record connection (EMIS, TPP, Vision, Microtest)

Single patient record

Multiple Assessments (Holistic, NHS Accredited, Custom built)

Fully customisable to meet the needs of the local population.


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