One App. Complete Wellness

Each area of health and wellbeing is interconnected - and so is our App.

Designed to support patients or service users to self-manage disease prevention and health improvement, the App features multiple trackers and in-inbuilt courses.  With data sitting securely in the pdh platform the App is ideal for patients being supported by all types of health and wellbeing services, wherever they're commissioned.

Save time juggling between apps to achieve and sustain whole-body health.


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Using the AmaraHealth™ app, all areas of health and wellbeing can be tracked.

Sleep. Physical activity. Mood. Smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Food. Water. Set specific goals and track as much or as little of your health data as you want to. And coming very soon Menstruation, Menopause, Diabetes and more.

AmaraHealth™ also connects to Apple Health and Google Health and wearables (Apple Watch and FitBit) - making tracking even easier.

We believe all areas of health and wellbeing are interconnected which is why we created AmaraHealth™. To build the most accurate and detailed picture of whole-body wellness, we recommend using as many trackers as possible.

Unique Insights. Lasting Motivation

Introducing the unique AmaraHealth™ Wellbeing Score.

Users can assess and self-manage their whole-body wellness with personalised analytics and the AmaraHealth™ wellbeing score.

The Wellbeing Score is a summary of whole-body health. Accumulated by user data input, the score will be dependent on the data the user decides to track.

The score increases with positive actions and decreases with negative actions. For example, more physical activity is likely to boost a score whereas excessive alcohol intake will reduce it.

And if users are motivated by comparison, they can switch to competition mode where they can benchmark themselves against others.

Gamification and Behaviour Change

Gamification in healthcare represents a user-centric way to transform behaviours, cement healthy habits and improve overall health indicators through motivating people to engage in long term behaviour change.

AmaraHealth™ includes optional gamification features which are known to improve engagement and make user experience more personalised. And as we know this isn’t for everyone, we’ve placed this approach entirely in the hands of each user – turn it on or turn it off!

Purposeful content. Real Results

AmaraHealth™ is packed with specialist courses, videos and articles.

Our team of in-house experts and partners produce original and evidence-based content that is updated frequently and available in many formats.

From videos to long and short-form articles, we provide all the content you need to create and maintain a life of health and happiness.

Our motivational nudge messaging provides consistent support to keep you motivated.

And Healthcare Providers opting to offer their customers AmaraHealth™ can use our inbuilt LMS to make their own courses available too!

Who can use AmaraHealth™?

Employers or Workplace Health contracts

Available to businesses to support employees in wellbeing at work progammes. Anonymised data available to employers to aid understanding of their workforce wellbeing.

Lifestyle Services contracts

Embraced by Lifestyle Services with all user tracking data visible to Wellbeing Practitioners supporting Service Users on lifestyle interventions.

Community Health Services

Used to support patients managing their wellbeing and their appointments before, during and after care.

Children & Family Services

Expanding in 2023 to support Children and Families with new age-specific content and courses.

Download AmaraHealth™ for whole-body wellness.


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